Michael Miller Jaguars

Michael Miller & Partners Ltd’s stunning new modern fleet are black Jaguars especially built for the profession. Each limousine is able to seat up to 7 people, with 6 doors for ease of access. (A folded wheelchair can also fit in the boot).

Horse Drawn Funerals

This type of traditional funeral procession is readily available. The choices include 2 or 4 horses in black or grey with matching black or white glass hearse with possible following carriages. Families often use our fleet to follow behind the traditional glass hearse. Please contact us for further details. Distance may be the only limiting factor.

Alternative Vehicles

The following are a range of alternative vehicles which we can hire in for a funeral. Many of these travel from across the country, so their availability may be limited and the cost will include their travel time to our premises.

Motorcycle and sidecar

Motorcycle Hearses

A very unique alternative, available as a Classic Triumph, a Suzuki Hayabusa or a Harley Davidson. They are fitted with purpose built ‘hearse style’ sidecars. A family member can often act as pillion (subject to age and distance). The various hearses are based at different locations around the country.

VW Fleet

Based on the VW camper van – these vehicles are white and come with the option of a following camper van for family or limousines based on the VW Beetle. They are based in Warwickshire.


4×4 Fleet

Land Rover

Zambezi Silver Land Rover Defender Hearse and Limousine offer an alternative for the Land Rover enthusiast. They are based in Bedfordshire.

Vintage Lorry

A 1950 Leyland Beaver. The large deck provides ample space for displaying flowers – the owner often creates unique platforms to best show the tributes.
This vehicle is based in Bradford on Avon.


This is not an exhaustive list – in addition there are many further alternatives, including:

Silver Vehicles

Pink Hearses

Rolls Royce (new and vintage)

Vintage 1930’s Austin Hearse

If you wish, please feel free to contact us for further information.